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Rope access technique is a special work method. A rope access technician uses ropes as an access road to his workplace. The method is defined in an international approved standard IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) and in Norway SOFT NS 9600 (Norsk Standard 9600 Samarbeids organ for tilkomstteknikk), which sets requirements for training, certification and execution. After completing the training, you will receive a certificate of as approved rope access technician. Rope access is also called industrial climbing. A risk assessment of the work is made, before deciding whether to use rope access or not. Rope access can also be used if situation dictates that is safer and more effective to use a rope access technicians to do the work than setting up a scaffolding or using a ladder or suspended personnel basket.
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Common tasks for rope access:

  • Perform installation or removal of structure and objects.
  • Perform repairs on an installation or buildings and towers.
  • Clean or maintain a facility.
  • Perform inspection.
  • Perform professional work such as surface treatment, insulation, pipe work and mechanical or technical work
  • Secure others or lead the safety.

Rope access were developed for use in the oil and gas industry. There were many buildings and installations with advanced constructions that required a new method of work. Rope access have now also become common in land-based industry.

Rope access is a safe, cost effective and efficient way of working and leaves minimum or no footprints on the locations work is performed, compared to installing scaffold, lifts, cranes etc.

  • Norwegian origin and standards
  • High Quality Focus
  • Professional
  • Dedicated
  • Safe and effective
  • The future – sustainability

JKA Nordic have experience from work in Norway and International.

All UAE based rope access technicians are IRATA certified.

Our staff have trade qualifications to be skilled workers.

All equipment used for rope access is certified and inspected before use.

All our operators undergo specialised training to be able to perform Rope access.

Our safe work performance is based on 7-step safe work process, this also include requirement for risk assessment, TBT, and measures to be active before, during and after work.

Recue and rescue plan is part of work planning process.

All our operators have first aid training.

We believe that SAFE WORK is not based on CHANCE but is a CHOICE.