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o JKA Nordic has extensive experience in installation, demolition and removal of structure/modules/towers, facade, windows, solar panel onshore and offshore
o JKA Nordic personnel can be used in preliminary projects and inspections, as well as preparation of work packages.
o JKA Nordic is a specialist in maintenance and modification assignments in areas with difficult access.
o Long experience, and skilled method engineers has enabled us to deliver total projects in maintenance and modification of all types of projects with difficult access.
o All our operators are certified riggers according to NORSOK & LOLER for international projects.
o We have extensive experience with planning and execution of rigging, both where the use of rope access is required and where normal access can be done. We use certified lifting equipment, combined with all the expertise our people possess about rigging and cross-hauling, allows us to install and remove equipment in places where others cannot.

External Maintanance and Cleaning Services

• External windows cleaning is done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. By combining the use ropes access techniques with skilled workers, we get to all kinds of buildings - regardless of height and structural design cleaned.
• We use specialized water treatment and products that are best suited for the environment, surfaces, and result. When conditions permit no chemicals/soap need to be used and the job can be done in almost half the time – result: reduced impact and inconvenience for the client.
• We are always anchored in two different anchoring points. Tools are securely fastened so that there is never any risk of anything falling. For security reasons, we use physical barriers at street level and in busy areas, we also use guards on the ground.
• Window replacement can be done efficiently and with high precision by using the rope access method. There will be no need for a lifts, or other installations to carry out the actual work.
• It is possible to change windows or cladding at all heights. Depending on the size and weight of window or cladding, we either use building established lifting equipment or use a rig with lifting equipment on the building's roof or use rope access rigging. we use window clamp tools and backup to perform the job safe and effective.
• Depending on the complexity of the assignment, one or two people will be responsible for controlling the lifting equipment from the roof. In addition, anchorage is rigged for those who will perform the actual work on the building's facade. We always work in teams of two or more, as the operations are complex and require significant physical capacity.
• In addition to the window replacement, it will also be possible to perform additional operations such as inspection, assembly, etc. from the equipment that has been rigged up.
• By use of rope access method, skilled workers, correct equipment, combined with specialized water treatment, no cleaning products are normally needed. If surfaces are difficult to clean, high pressure washers and treatment fluid can be used to get the surfaces clean, JKA Nordic uses environmentally friendly cleaning substances, compatible with surfaces and to protect the workers and environment.
• An inviting and clean facade is an important presentation of the building and its tenants. Regular washing protects the building from wear and tear and decay, and it can save owners other maintenance costs.
• JKA Nordic provide service for indoor cleaning in Malls, domes, Airport, industrial building with difficult access. The use of rope access methods leaves no impact on the surrounding structures or surfaces from rigging, the same basic principles for safe work performance is applied as external cleaning both for the client, third party, workers, and environment. The use of specialized water treatment reduces or remove the use of chemicals and time spent on the cleaning.

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