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Commercial Cleaning Services

We are specialist and has extensive experience with both small and large customers. We provide services that will keep your areas clean and presentable whether it’s a big or small shopping mall, office, government building, car shops or schools etc. JKA Nordic is a nationwide cleaning service company.

Window and Facade Cleaning

We clean windows and facades in everything from small shops to large commercial buildings. Outside and inside, high and low.

The professional advice for washing windows is three times a year for general maintenance. If your windows are exposed to a lot of weather, dirt and dust, they should be washed more often. If you run a shop, you may want it washed as often as once a week.

Floor Cleaning

We perform floor treatment of most types of flooring. Many of our customers want us to treat the floor one or more times during the year, so that the floor is protected and maintains its original properties.

The floor is the surface in a room that is exposed to the most wear. Salt, gravel and daily wear and tear from walking on them cause the floor material to wear out. If the floor is treated and taken care of in the right way, you can achieve a longer service life on the floor! The floor will also shine and be easier to keep clean for the cleaner.

At JKA Nordic, we treat most types of flooring and often provide this as a service together with daily cleaning. However, we also provide floor treatment as a stand-alone service. We have the right machines and high competence teams to take care of your floors.


Feel free to ask us for help with cleaning in your homes or at your business premises, and we will help you set up a correct cleaning plan based on your needs.

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